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It can be difficult to know which steps to take to ensure the health of you and your family. Family physicians play a major role in ensuring the long term health of patients of all ages. At Family Practice of Madison, Judy Rawls, MD, provides a number of services for helping patients look after and maintain the health of them and their loved ones. For health maintenance from an expert physician and medical team, call the Madison, Alabama, clinic.

Health Maintenance Q & A

What is health maintenance?

Health maintenance refers to an approach that opts for prevention and education over the treatment of illnesses and symptoms. Health maintenance involves routine screenings and counseling with an experienced physician to identify your health risks and help you minimize your potential for certain conditions.

This preventive approach to medicine allows Dr. Rawls at Family Practice of Madison to ensure optimal physical, mental, and emotional health for her patients. Dr. Rawls works with patients to design a health plan that takes into account their individual medical history, family history, and lifestyle.

Who needs health maintenance?

Health maintenance is appropriate for patients of all ages. To help keep patients healthy, Dr. Rawls provides a number of screenings and exams to identify potential risk factors and helps patients safeguard their health.

In addition to health maintenance for adults, Dr. Rawls and the Family Practice of Madison team also provide pediatric health maintenance for addressing the needs of teens and young children.

What services are available?

There are a number of health maintenance services used to help patients maintain their health. Because education and prevention is key to health maintenance, screenings and exams are essential. Some of the health maintenance services Family Practice of Madison provides include:

Annual physical

An annual physical is a basic but essential part of health maintenance. Typically, an annual physical involves brief counseling to discuss any of your health concerns, screening of your vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, temperature), as well as a heart and lung exam using a stethoscope.

Annual exams are appropriate for patients of all ages and can differ slightly depending on age and gender. For adults, annual physicals can also address sexual and reproductive health concerns.


Vaccines are a key element in preventive health care. Vaccines offer patients of all ages a safe and effective way to ward of infectious diseases. Although vaccines are essential to children’s health, vaccinations like the flu shot also offer adults a way to safeguard their health.

Well-child exams

Well-child exams give you the perfect opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your child’s health. Well-child exams allow Dr. Rawls to track the growth and development of your child and ensure they’re on the right track. Immunizations are often a routine part of well-child exams.

Well-woman exams

Well-woman exams refer to a set of routine screenings used to monitor a number of sexual and reproductive health concerns that uniquely affect women. Well-woman exams at Family Practice of Madison screen for conditions like breast cancer, cervical cancer, loss of bone density, and high blood pressure. Well-woman exams give Dr. Rawls a look into your overall health and allow her to make recommendations based on your individual health risks and lifestyle.

Dr. Rawls and her team specialize in a preventive approach to patient care. To learn more about how you can maintain your health through health maintenance, book an appointment at Family Practice of Madison by phone today.